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Maybe a sad song…

January 22, 2009

dscn9078dscn9077dscn9053dscn9047dscn9044so i was trying to play the piano today oh and i used one of ur favourite songs to describe my mood today….im sad because im leaving, tomorrow ill be on the plane by this time and i cant wait to see u…by the way it was raining today hard core…(those are the crappiest places in my city by the way)hahah…


My secret adiction to Rowan Atkinson

January 22, 2009

When Im sad Johnny English always cheers me up, like its like a more talkative version of Mr.Bean with the same kind of British humor…I love it!!(even though i know u dont like Mr.Bean very much…)


January 22, 2009

gisele-bunchen-kate-moss-versace-ads-02Does this remind only me of the precious heart Marc dress we love and a little of Comme des Garçons fall 08 mixed together?




I miss you.


Obama’s Inauguration Outfit

January 20, 2009


Excuse the kind of lazy illustrator job… but imagine if Obama had worn Thom Browne to the inauguration! I had to make it a reality. I think it looks patriotic.. and unfortunately a little Great Gatsby-ish.  I think he could follow in the steps of being stylish like Sarkozy and then perhaps it could become a trend. All the politicians would start having their own style and maybe people form the Libertarian Party would wear things like Alexander McQueen or Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.. and any sort of luncheon would be catered by Ladurée. ‘People’ would even do 10 best dressed politicians and Rachel Zoe would be saying things like: ‘It’s a really stressful time right now because the election only comes once every four years…’ or ‘Brad come watch  the debate you have to see the Lanvin it looks bananas.’ It is just an idea. I am getting a little carried away here over nothing I know…  But either way I have a feeling you understand…


January 20, 2009

“Giethoorn is called the Venice of the north and many tourists flock the little village to see it’s unusual scenery. There are lakes (Wieden), only chest deep in the middle, that are connected with canals used for peat transport in the middle ages and later. Because of the canals, each house needs a little high bridge to get to the road. The bridges are high, because boats have to go under them.”

Random photos from the internet:


And here is sam:n1561920018_30005663_6527Here is me:n1561920018_30005665_6960Here is Johns and me:n1561920018_30005666_7176

By the way, I was totally off on the name of this town. 

Oldies from 2007 (teen vogue)

January 19, 2009


So i found these pics from the 2007 teen vogue fashion seminar i went to. There is Rogan, Vera Wang, Tim Gunn, Tommy Hilfiger…but i couldn’t find erin!!maybe ill post a pic of her later on haha oh and by the way this is the mcqueen dress i talked to u about!!-lots of love!

What we do is secret

January 19, 2009

chelsea-1-10chelsea-1-14chelsea-1-15chelsea-1-18So I was on and one of the people from the blog was talking about this magazine called Chelsea, for girls who love style or something. Either way we have to get it. There is this photo spread in it..and it kind of reminds me of two people…can you guess who?! 



January 18, 2009

picture-16So I wanted to make sure I could still use the pen tool… this is what came out of it. Pretty embarrassing. I kind of like it. Or maybe I just love that picture…xx.


Last Night

January 18, 2009


That is not my dog or my LV dog carrier.. or even my house.. I would kind of like the dog carrier. Ah… Embarrassing I know. 

Patent Leather Cage Boots by YSL

January 16, 2009

device-memory-home-user-pictures-img00063-20090116-1506They are just so beautiful… Elisa they are close to perfect.

YSL £905