Obama’s Inauguration Outfit


Excuse the kind of lazy illustrator job… but imagine if Obama had worn Thom Browne to the inauguration! I had to make it a reality. I think it looks patriotic.. and unfortunately a little Great Gatsby-ish.  I think he could follow in the steps of being stylish like Sarkozy and then perhaps it could become a trend. All the politicians would start having their own style and maybe people form the Libertarian Party would wear things like Alexander McQueen or Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair.. and any sort of luncheon would be catered by Ladurée. ‘People’ would even do 10 best dressed politicians and Rachel Zoe would be saying things like: ‘It’s a really stressful time right now because the election only comes once every four years…’ or ‘Brad come watch  the debate you have to see the Lanvin it looks bananas.’ It is just an idea. I am getting a little carried away here over nothing I know…  But either way I have a feeling you understand…


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