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March 20, 2009

l1100853l1100854l1100860After the library.. I hope you are having fun in Mexico! xx-m


Daniel Bosch “Nocturnal Transmission with Imagery as Attachment”

March 20, 2009

My Friend Annie once sent me this poem. I recently found it again. 


Nocturnal Transmission with Imagery as Attachment

I keep sending: I can’t believe
You really didn’t love me,
But I don’t believe it.
I do believe. I was alone
In love. And now, alone, I grieve it.

Even my return key is depressed.
I miss you. But I miss my doubt
More fiercely: Doubt made love possible.
Doubtless I loved you, but, conversely,
I cannot doubt my love was misaddressed.

The system’s mailer-daemon can admit
It’s ignorant, so who am I not to?
I don’t know you. I never did,
Or when I did, I didn’t want to.
The Internet just sped up all this shit.

My programming makes it so damn
Easy: it’s as if it knows
I’ll keep forming these attachments–
That I’ll point and I’ll click and I’ll
Virtually believe, especially at 3 a.m.

It’s a kind of faith, a way of slowing down
The accelerated pace of modern
Love–the dubious consumer consumed
By keystrokes like “shift” and “control”
And the dim afterglow which love presumes.

by Daniel Bosch

Outdoors in March

March 20, 2009

l1100786l1100795l1100797_2l1100798_2l1100799My father and I took a walk down to our pond, which is still frozen over. It wasn’t even that cold out! xx -m

View of Delft

March 15, 2009

l1100742_2l1100751_2l1100753_2l1100755_2l1100760_2l1100761_2l1100762_2l1100766_2l1100772I do not know why, but I am really into delft and all things in my mind that relate… like Matryoshka dolls, blini, french schoolboys, tulips, etc. Maybe it started in PWAD when we were looking at Vermeer’s “View of Delft” but I promise you I was not listening.  I think maybe it is the serenity of the picture that pulls me in..but I do not really believe it. I found a few things that were scattered about my house…. my parents are really into it. I know my father has some more in his office… I kind of want to take pictures to archive but that means I would have to look for it…blehhh. I miss you.. I hope you are getting excited for your trip! xx m

Sam comes to NYC

March 15, 2009

l1100619You see what happpens?


March 15, 2009

l1100721_2l1100720_2l1100724_2I think this truly conveys how tired we were…. What happened here haha? I miss you.

Matryoshka Doll

March 15, 2009

photo-2341photo-235photo-238I have not been picking up my phone because I need a break from it. Either way… yesterday my father got me this because of the doll on the front. So cute. It made me think of you for obvious reasons. I look a little blehhhhhhhh. I am sure you understand why. I will call you tomorrow little lady. xx m

This is what class time looks like

March 7, 2009

l1100609l1100612l1100611l1100616Although it might look like we are working we are really just listening to Reggaeton while I text you about Spanish swear words. I miss you. I love you.