View of Delft

l1100742_2l1100751_2l1100753_2l1100755_2l1100760_2l1100761_2l1100762_2l1100766_2l1100772I do not know why, but I am really into delft and all things in my mind that relate… like Matryoshka dolls, blini, french schoolboys, tulips, etc. Maybe it started in PWAD when we were looking at Vermeer’s “View of Delft” but I promise you I was not listening.  I think maybe it is the serenity of the picture that pulls me in..but I do not really believe it. I found a few things that were scattered about my house…. my parents are really into it. I know my father has some more in his office… I kind of want to take pictures to archive but that means I would have to look for it…blehhh. I miss you.. I hope you are getting excited for your trip! xx m


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