G-STAR RAW Fall 2009

February 25, 2009

dscn9417dscn9341dscn9338dscn9333dscn9331dscn9314dscn9329dscn9323Ok here the G-Star show with the girl from America’s Next Top Model and Benicio del Toro!oh and a blurry picture that for some reason I like


Max Azria Fashion Show Fall 2009

February 25, 2009

dscn94181dscn9283dscn9284dscn9289dscn9297dscn9299dscn9300dscn9305dscn9309dscn9312Mariel firs of all im sorry for the posts they are super long!!!haha hope is not too boring. I am going to post some pics of the shows I got to go to or didn’t miss (sad times for those that I was late to). I really like some of the dresses here!!and Carine’s chocolates weren’t bad either…

Mcqueen stories for Target

February 15, 2009

dscn9241dscn9253dscn9251dscn9257dscn9266Yesterday early in the morning we decided to wake up early, cab it to W Houston and go shopping for the Alexander Mcqueen line for Target before it goes to the stores on March. The placce was huge and people were crazy running and pushing haha ( i might have been one of them…) but unfortunately I didn’t get much stuff (a tee for me and another for my sister and a blouse for u). There were no sizes left for us!!!!!!! Oh and we got a free CD at the check out!!I really wished u were there lil Mariel!!Im guessing we’ll have to make a trip to Brooklyn in March to shop for everything we couldn’t get!!!


PS: By the way the blouse is cutter than it looks.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2009

dscn9215Lots of love!!!!!!!

– Elisa ❤

(hahahaha remember these cookies…?)

My place but not me.

February 12, 2009

photo-193_2photo-198I think you understand. I love you.


Alexander the Great

February 11, 2009

n556860857_3667631_58851n556860857_3667633_64221n6380718305_238974_59321n1502654610_30034381_91111n6380718305_238995_6421n641404631_1224606_42601n1645031763_136816_4841n732475642_3371973_21621So I decided to post some pictures ( 2007 and 2008 ) of  Alexander McQueen, one of my favourite british designers of all time!!Oh Mariel I believe this is my obsession….

Let’s celebrate in NYC

February 10, 2009

n660655723_5820760_33481dscn9186dscn9185dscn9191dscn9211Aweeeee I had so much fun that day!!Thank you all for being there!!It was great!!We should all hang out again sometime soon!!us five + the city= fun FUN fun!!

Food and Cake!!

February 10, 2009


Remember how much fun we had??mini burgers, cookies, 2 cakes!!wow im the luckiest girl on Earth!!

-Elisa ❤

A special invitation

February 3, 2009

dscn9114Well it’s about time for me to celebrate my bday with my friends in the city!!!After having a great time in Spain, it’s time to achieve this back in New York!!Im very excited for you all to come, a small dinner with some Parsons girlfriends: cupcakes, pink & silver, France, cookies,balloons…can’t wait. (Mariel I gotta admit Im becoming too girlie…haha this is usually not me)

The Killers concert

February 3, 2009

dscn91111dscn9100dscn9095dscn9094Sunday January 25th was definately a good start of the new semester. Mariel, I have to say the concert was amazing once again!!haha we got to sing, dance, laugh(specially at some randoom beer-dancers…)and then with our matching shirts in our bags, we went walking home from Madison Square Garden singing loudly…i still can’t believe how u actually agreed on walking!!